Kit Kat Club

Soundtrack: Cabaret Nocturne, Blood Walk (original mix)

Im very exciting to arrive to Berlin again! Waiting to enjoy one of my favorite cities in the world this weekend! Berlin is always surprising… Berlin is always crazy! Of course the cathedral of the city, Berghain, will be waiting for me on Sunday but I’m also expecting to have a great time with my Berliner Freunde in KitKatKlub. I’ve seen many inspiring kinky outfits in Miami for my dresscode… so will see what happen… I love when a club have its own door policy because me for instance, I love freedom, respect and privacy and when the people around they are not in the same mindset… could be a little boring, isn´t it? I love this sentence in the KitKatClub website: “the only choice criterion: open-mindedness and international (as in global thinking) attitude. Which means we don´t accept autistic behaviour”… ok… then I´m ready!

See you soon Berlin!

Xxx, Isak.