Marc Miroir

My guest today is Mr. Marc Miroir, the German Dj, producer and co-founder of Paso Music Label.

Mr. Miroir, thank you very much for accepting my interview, it’s a great pleasure for us. 

Marc Miroir: Thank you for inviting me to the interview. It´s an honor ;)

I.D. Let me please start this interview asking you about a personal interest that I have. I’m fascinated about the use of alter-egos in the artistic world because I love the possibility of being not only one person … Is your name Marc Miroir an alter ego? Because when I look at you, your deep and penetrating eyes make me feel reflected in a way… 

Marc Miroir: M. My DJ name is not really an alter-ego. It´s simply my German name in French. It was born in school in my French class, when everybody had his name in French. At the same time I got my first request for a huge rave in another city, for which I needed a name for promotion ;) 


I.D. You are djing since the beginning of the nineties. The electronic music scene at that time was quite different and to be a dj was not as common as it is today… tell me please about how you became a dj and about your artistic evolution.

Marc Miroir: In the 80ies my sister has a boy friend who was a DJ. I got the tapes from him and I was totally fascinated how he mixed two tracks creating something new. I was totally flashed and wanted to be able to do that too. 

When I started deejaying in 1993 the electronic music scene was small and it was one scene. Everybody loved the same music! The music was very special and the vinyl was hard to get. 

Since that time, a lot of things changed like the way of deejaying. I still play vinyl in Berlin, but when travelling around it is more comfortable to play with USB. It also offers a lot of features which can make your set very unique. 

The music changes and developes continously. On the one hand because of the technical progress and on the other hand because of the current taste of music. Music depends on many things like time, location, people but in the end it's what you make out of the influences yourself and coin your own style.

I.D. Mr. Miroir, I was living in Madrid during the 90´s, the time when the club-scene was emerging in Spain and Madrid was for me the place to be in terms of underground music and parties, eccentric characters, small amazing clubs around Gran Vía, after-hours with no time restrictions and a big amount of freedom and tobacco smoke. Today in Madrid we are proud of being one of the gay-capitals of the world but when we look at what is happening now in Berlin we feel true nostalgia. From the privileged position of your vast experience in the city and as a resident dj of the gay party MEMBERS, what is your personal opinion about the considered current capital of the club culture in Europe?

Marc Miroir: I think the Berlin scene is still very special worldwide. I don´t know any city where you have so many clubs with no closing hour and such an international and music addicted crowd. You get so much of inspiration by the possibility to hear the best DJ´s of the world everyday. Here are lots of collegues and the interchange is huge. In Berlin I´m having much more possibilities to play for an international crowd than in a small town.

The city itself inspires me every day. There is so much energy in the city that you can´t escape from. Berlin is so divers that you can live your life like you want to. I moved to Berlin 12 years ago. Moving to Berlin gave me and my career a huge push. 

I.D. Lets talk about you again… your productions have been played by Djs like Sven Väth or Richie Hawtin and one of your tracks was requested by Über-producer William Orbit for a cover-version by Britney Spears. Today you are recognized as an artist by a wide range of public. Which is the “most special moment” that you have in mind when it comes to your artistic career?

Marc Miroir: There are a lot of moments which I´ll never forget. It´s hard to find a single one. For example playing at our truck at the Loveparade in Berlin in the 90ies 5 years in a row was very special. And the release of my 2 albums was also very exciting. You put so much effort in producing an album and when it comes to the release date, you don´t know what happens, if people like it or not. 

I.D. Reading the information of your website I was struck by the sentence “to remain true to yourself”. I’m 42 and I’ve been trying all my life to find myself and nowadays I´m still running from one place to another, from one therapy to the other, searching for myself, for my authenticity... What does this sentence means for you? Do you have any clues for me, please? 

Marc Miroir: It means being authentic and honest and doing what you like. If you do something only for money or fame you will fail, sooner or later.


I.D. When I´m listening to your album “Identity Kit” I´m not only seduced by your music but also by the name of the album itself and the titles of the tracks. It looks like many emotions and personal stories are behind each one... Tell me about your music and the role that your private life plays in it.

Marc Miroir: M. My label and me are truly independent names of international electronic dance music. My second album ‚Identity Kit‘ is named after a term of marketing although advertising is not at all my domain. I avoid being photographed and I´m rarely seen in videos and I don´t like any kind of blatant selling. ‚Identity Kit‘ brings together all the musical aspects, facets and contradictions, too, that are defining me. ‚Identity Kit‘ is the concept for a kit that unites the diversity that carries all my no-fuss signature, spanning from Techno to House to lush vocal tracks. 

I.D. Mr. Miror, we are coming to the end and I want to confess that I´m horny since I read on Resident Advisor that "your hypnotic sets of distinct Tech-House promise to deliver ecstatic groove”… That makes me connect immediately with the dance rituals in different cultures, from different periods of time, where the people abandoned themselves to the rhythm and feelings of ecstasy, connected to others and to their own emotions. Mr. Miroir, what do you want do with me at My Pleasure? I´m very open-minded…

Marc Miroir: I want to play a very special set for the first day of the new year. Last time I was playing in Madrid was at Fabric years ago. MyPlease is the first gay party in Madrid where I´m playing. I´m super excited and will make the crowd scream, sweat and dance. 

I.D. And the last question Mr. Miroir, what is your fetish? Confess it, please, don’t be shy...  

Marc Miroir: I am shy ;)  

If it comes to a party, my fetish is a good soundsystem, a sweaty dancing crowd and a great location.

I.D. Mr. Miroir, thank you very much. Finally I just want to tell you that apart of being fascinated by your eyes and your music, I’m looking forward to dance with you at My Pleasure on January 1st.  

See you on the dance floor! Isak Denotti.